Quantic Dream remembers Star Wars Eclipse exists, but ‘it’s bubbling’

The development of Star Wars Eclipse, the galactic saga video game that Quantic Dream is developing, will be running for a long time. Although those responsible are not planning to release it until 2026, Lisa Pendse, vice president of marketing at the studio, revealed new details in an exclusive interview IGN during the Tokyo Game Show 2023 celebrations.

“It exists, it’s just not finished yet. It’s bubbling. One of the big focuses we had when making the announcement.” Star Wars Eclipse I wanted to make sure it was clear that this was an action-adventure game that had all the elements you would expect and want from a Quantic Dream title, namely intricate branching narratives and multiple playable characters. There is no game over. Anyone can die, anything can happen and history continues, so those signatures are still there.. But what we have done is to further improve our gameplay experience,” said Pendse, explaining the narrative approach of this adventure.

Regarding the time it took the team to develop the game, Pendse commented: “Quantic Dream always released games when they were ready, and.” I think the high level of quality you get when you buy a Quantic Dream game is a testament to the value of this approach.. And the same goes for Star Wars Eclipse. So you will know, but at the moment it is too early to announce any news about it.

What we know so far about Star Wars Eclipse

We know little about it at an official level Star Wars Eclipse over and beyond It is set in the High Republic era. Given the studio’s track record, we can expect it to place a lot of focus on narrative and, of course, decision-making. On the other hand, we unofficially know that you can rely on it Multiplayer mode and that would take a little inspiration from The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, when it came to setting the tone of its story and finding the right treatment for its characters.

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