Regenesis uses turn-based combat to hunt mutant animals

Offered by U-tad

Klopsy is a studio that recently released a free tactical RPG, regenerationavailable for free and Developed by university students, particularly from the Interactive Product Design course u-tad. It is set in an apocalyptic world where the few people who survived live underground most of the time An alien plant filled the planet with spores which have led to mutations in the fauna and flora.

The protagonists of this turn-based tactical RPG are three hunters (Isak, Kaeo and Ola) who live in the subway and who go out from time to time to gather materials by killing the mutant animals that populate the surface. The settings are viewed in isometric perspective and the characters leave the room move and attack in grids; Each character has some action points that they can spend on movement, using abilities, or using items from the backpack. As long as these points remain, he can continue to act on his turn.

The protagonists carry They have different weapons and can use specific abilities depending on which one they wield or others. Kaeo has a rage bar that fills up when some abilities are activated. When he’s refilled, he performs a more powerful attack and Ola’s weapon charges up in the same way.

The changes are presented in an agile and clear way A timeline at the bottom of the screen through which each character’s icon moves that takes place on the stage, as well as events that take place from time to time, which may include: a gust of wind that displaces all characters (and leaves them stunned for a moment or plants popping out of the ground and moving the characters to other squares, which can mess up the player’s strategy.

Know when the enemy is low on life

One of the most striking features of regeneration If the leading group has individual health bars but the opponent doesn’t, it’s a deliberate decision, as Klopsy explains: “The idea was Create an environment where players need to learn by watching the monster because when this animal’s health is low, its animation is off idle Changes to reflect this. In this way, the player learns about their attacks and mechanics. we want make it feel like a real animal. It’s a reflection of one of the series that inspired the team. monster hunterwho also looked for references Final Fantasy Tactics And child of light.

The studio not only wanted to convey realism with the animals, but also felt “like completely different units than the player, and for that he had to occupy nine squares.” on the black board. This meant a change in many areas of the game: design, programming and art. To solve the problem we started to rethink the whole game (levels, skills, characters…) around the monster that occupies nine squares and after many iterations we managed to make it feel like we wanted it,” they say of Klopsy.

Between missions, you can use the materials you collect to craft weapons or buy injections to heal yourself.
Between missions, you can use the materials you collect to craft weapons or buy injections to heal yourself.

In the third year of study in interactive product design The students form working groups to make suggestions for video games and to create prototypes of them as part of the pedagogical method of u-tad that they are prepared to enter the job market as quickly and optimally prepared as possible. “Once the prototype to be developed is selected, In 4 you go from the first playable version to vertical disc [demo jugable de un fragmento que muestra cmo sera el juego final] in the first four-month period and if this first phase is passed, the development will continue until the end of the course, at which point the game will be released on Steam,” explains Javier Cadenas, Director of Interactive Product Design Degree Projects at u-tad.

Some of Kaeo's abilities fill a rage bar to hit m
Some of Kaeo’s abilities fill a rage bar to hit harder.

Students make creative choices

Cadenas is part of the team with which the university must support the games developed by its students: “My job is to monitor the scale of the projects and to check that the appropriate design solutions are applied. Assist teams with any doubts that may arise and help them solve problems. We have two other professors who provide production and programming support, and you can always reach out to the rest of the faculty for timely assistance. Decisions are made by students, both creative and prioritized. “We are here to serve as a guide,” he affirms. In the last major, Cadenas adds, “we did.” playtesting newspapers and there are a number of milestones to be reached Apart from the continuous week-by-week monitoring of the progress of the projects and the problems that arise.

Klopsy chose the turn system because, say the game’s makers, he was born in the Grad u-tadthey were attracted the challenge of “exploring what new things could be done in this genre, both with the concept of exclusively fighting bosses and with the dynamic turn order.”

When defeating the enemy, a report will appear with the materials collected during the hunt.
When defeating the enemy, a report will appear with the materials collected during the hunt.

Make the assets to add more consistency to the game

In regeneration A total of nine people would have worked with some selective help, as the study shows. It wasn’t his first video game, although, as they point out, “it is”. It was the first time we worked on such a long project and with a multidisciplinary team.” Besides the game design and levels, Klopsy’s students also created the art and music. “Generally, We like to do everything financial assets us, since we have more consistency in the game, that it was made in Unity because it’s the engine we used the most during our studies and we think it’s very easy to use,” they say.

Regenesis is available free from steam for a month, but the developers have planned patches for it Polish some details and also consider the possibility of adding more elements such as monsters, weapons or items.

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