Resident Evil 4 Remake: Hunk Makes Mercenary Mode Too Easy?

As promised by Capcom, it was followed up yesterday Resident Evil 4 Remake the Mercenaries mode, a classic of the saga ideal for action and adrenaline addicted players; “Characters, both new and from previous games, now have Bloodlust: unique abilities that take the strategic and tactical depth of Mercenaries to another level. Like the main story, Mercenaries has been redesigned and awaits all lovers of fast-paced action combat. ” , detailing the company. However, a few hours after launch, there are already players who have discovered all of its tricks Get the highest scoresand a conclusion was drawn: Hunk is over the top and he’s the best to destroy in this mode.

Hunk is one of the most popular Resident Evil characters to appear in the second part of the remake circuit.

hunkyalso known as the Fourth Survivor, has always appeared in the saga usually as a supporting character, but his fighting skills catapulted him to stardom. In the remake of The Expendables Resident Evil 4which hides an allusion to the film Resident Evil revenge, Hunk is the best option if we want to reach S++ rank. The reason is very simple, and it is The elite soldier can snap enemies’ necks (small and large) and kill them in one hit. Other characters stun zombies and monsters, which slows down combos and slightly slows down the number of kills you can get (without making it impossible to get S++ rank with Leon, Krauser, or Luis).

HUNK is OP – Top 100 on Castle when he first uses it
from u/Never Nervous2197 In Resident Evil 4

If you go through the Reddit post made by Never Nervous2197 You will see some comments agreeing that Hunk is very powerful and that the consumables mode in this edition seems to have lowered the level a bit, being easier and more accessible than in previous editions. There’s some logic within the lore of the game itself that Hunk is a killing machine as he had to face endless waves of zombies alone to survive as if it were some kind of army on legs. The top spots in the leaderboard are currently occupied by scores achieved with Hunk, with combos of up to 150. Could the character get a nerf from Capcom? We recommend you consult our guide and take a look at our analysis.

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