Slender Man, the horror character, will return with a new game

Slender Man returns with a new horror video game which is being developed by Blue Isle Studios. Little is known about the game other than that it is an “official adaptation” and a short film teasers posted to Twitter where we can see what appears to be a dimly lit basement.

What is Slender Man? It’s a creature created by user Victor Surge – real name Eric Knudsen – in 2009 from an edited photograph in which he appeared. a thin, tall, faceless humanoid monster. It quickly became a viral phenomenon. creepy pasta This resulted in horror stories, fan art, short films, movies and of course games, such as Slim: The Eight pages or Slim: The arrival; There is a reasonable assumption that the Blue Isle Studios title is a remake or reimagining of the latter, as the official accounts or Steam tab of the original are used for promotion.

One of his last appearances was as part of an update of phasmophobiathe horror game by Kinetic Games.

The official site is already open

The network has been updated and shows a countdown ends on July 28thWe don’t know if it’s for the official presentation or just for launch.

Slim: The arrival is the logical progression of Slender: The Eight Pages“, we have in the analysis of the game released in 2013. “It’s not overly innovative compared to the original concept, but what it offers is undoubtedly more and better.” Once again we’re faced with a game in which we’ll have to escape the terrifying clutches of Slenderman and new adventure companions, while exploring more elaborate scenarios in explore in a much better graphical environment. Slim: The arrival It only lasts a couple of hours, but if you enjoyed wallowing in fear and terror in previous Slender Knight games, you can surely get much more use out of this game. We won’t deny that we wished this title had offered more, but above all: Slim: The arrival offers much terror, much fear and much tensionand we have seen less and less of that in the last generation.”

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