Stellar Blade has some absolutely wild costumes

Screenshot: Shift Up / Kotaku

During Sony’s State of Play livestream on January 31, the company gave us a look at developer Shift Up’s third-person action game. Star bladewhich looks super adorable and silly as you beat up the robots in a variety of outfits, including a bunny costume because Playboy bunnies also need to defend themselves.

Formerly known as “Project Eve”, Star blade It follows a warrior named Eve as she attempts to reclaim Earth from alien invaders known as NA:tives. To do this, you’ll equip Eve with all kinds of weapons to force your opponents into submission while looking stylish AF. That’s what character action games are about, ultimately: style.

Turn up

This is an RPG, of course, so you’ll unlock a variety of moves to provide combat variety. From double jumps to different grenades, Eve’s arsenal will expand throughout the journey until you can put her through NA.

I finish PlayStation BlogGame director Kim Hyung Tae talked about it Star bladeStory and pre-order bonuses that include some additional accessories and costumes for Eve and more. But let’s be honest, we’re all here for the fits. That’s the only thing that matters here, right? I mean, Eve wears everything from a bikini to what looks like a peacock costume. The clothes that you can wear as the protagonist are fire and will give you good checks on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes, you want to show off what you’ve got while fighting. Combat also feels very smooth.

“This trailer has a lot of content that you can experience first-hand in the game,” Tai said. “It is also designed to give you an understanding of the game mechanics and how the scenario unfolds, including basic combat.”

Star blade It will launch on April 26 for PC and will eventually come to PC.

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