The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mysterious Spear Hand is very easy to unlock

Most Dragon’s Doctrine 2The classes (or “professions”) are carryovers from the series’ 2012 entries. However, since this is a sequel, Capcom’s newly released high-fantasy RPG features some new professions that you can unlock. one of them, Darth Maul who serves the mystic spearman, is a category that is very easy to open and easy to miss. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Dragon’s Doctrine 2Mystic Spearhand basically takes over Dragon’s DoctrineThe mysterious knight. Both professions overpower enemies with magical and melee attacks, making them advanced hybrid classes capable of high defensive and offensive capabilities. While the Mystic Knight can be unlocked once you reach level 10 in the OG game, the Mystic Spearhand requires a little more effort to obtain. However, it’s not as much as some online make it seem, as you can unlock the profession after the first five hours or so. Dragon’s Doctrine 2‘s a trip. And trust me, it’s worth it.

How to unlock Dragon’s Doctrine 2The mysterious spear hand

Once you start Dragon’s Doctrine 2You will be guided through the first set of main quests. You are the Arisen, after all, the chosen one destined to not only slay the mean old dragon who stole your heart, but also the rightful heir to the human Kingdom of Vermund. So, of course, your first experience with the game will be story content meant to warm you up to the complexities of its characters and world.

You will be able to escape from the prison you were holed up in and you will be able to explore some different areas, including The dilapidated city of Melfi (Which is important for unlocking the Mysterious Spear Hand — but we’ll come back to that in a moment.) By the time you get to Fernworth, Vermont’s first major city, you’ll recognize it Brand, Commander of the Vermond Guard and main quest giver. Talking to him will trigger at least three different quests to do. This is where your journey to officially unlocking the Mystic Spearhand begins.

Brant will ask you to kill some monsters for the “Monster Culling” quest, investigate the Queen for the “Disa’s Plot” quest, and release a high-ranking official to complete the “The Caged Magistrate” quest. The order in which you complete these quests doesn’t really matter, you only need to finish one of them to make further progress towards unlocking the Medieval Force-wielding career. So, the choice is up to you. For me, I did Monster Culling because it was really easy to get rid of and damn it Two saurians. Those water lizards could drown in hell.

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s new class is a rotating death machine

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s new class is a rotating death machine

After completing and dusting off one of Brant’s quests, you’ll want to return to Melve by taking Vernworth’s bullock cart. When you slip out of here as part of the main quest, you’ll be transported back to a memory of when the city was thriving rather than just surviving, but that will be mere moments before the fateful dragon attack that put you on the path to becoming the ruler in the first place. When you return to the now ruined city, you’ll find that Melve has once again been destroyed by a different dragon.

Everyone in combat will do what they can to repel the flying lizard, including… Sigurd, a very interesting NPC who also happens to be the master of the Mystic Spearhand profession. You don’t have to kill the dragon (although there are benefits if you do), all you have to do is stay alive long enough for the monster to retreat. When this happens, you need to rush to Sigurd and talk to him before he leaves the city. When you ask him about his fighting style, he will tell you that it was a “mixture of abilities” that he created himself. This then unlocks the Mystic Spearhand class. Simply.

If you missed Sigurd because you were dead or distracted or something, you can find him at his house in Harvey Village, which is located slightly southwest of Fernworth and is one of the areas you will visit as part of the “Monster Culling” quest. Talk to him there, and viola, you’ll learn the Mystic Spearhand profession. Super easy, extra cheesy. but What happens if you kill the dragon that is terrorizing Melfi?, althoug? Well, not only will you get tons of gold and experience points, but you will also get some upgrade materials and The powerful Dead Ringer duo For the hand of the Sufi spear. Exclusive to the high-fantasy Twinblade quest, this weapon is a great early weapon due to its higher magic and melee damage compared to Novice shaft, the first weapon you get to open the chapter in the first place. I told you it was worth it.

Well, that’s it. There’s not much to unlocking Mystic Spearhand. To break it down to its simplest form, simply run to Sigurd in Melve by visiting the town at least twice. From there, you can live out your fantasy of hurling bodies at enemies using medieval force powers. She is sick.

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