The next big Pokémon game, the Gearbox Escaped Embracer, and more news

Key art for Bioware's Anthem, featuring four characters in a variety of colorful robotic armor.

picture: Bioware

In January 2019, I was optimistic when I traveled there BioWareHeadquarters in Austin, Texas. I was invited to audition National anthem, The studio is adopting a loot-shooting approach to the live service, before it reaches players’ hands. I was immediately blown away by the awesomeness of the demo, as I roamed the levels like Iron Man wearing a Javelin suit and attacking bugs with elemental rifles. At that time I was convinced of that National anthem It will be a generation-defining title that countless future AAA games will have to emulate. It turns out that many of them did. Even if they don’t have to. -Stephen Asarek Read more

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