Alone in the Dark shows its protagonists in two new trailers

Video game lovers terror That we comb certain gray hair surprised us a few months ago with the announcement of the return of Alone in the darkwhich was the case for many the first major video game of this genre which became a success when it was launched in 1992 and already had a great deal of US influence back then Cthulhu Mythos by HP Lovecraft.

This new part of the saga is a restart itwill arrive on October 25th this year to deliver us a love letter to the classic ’90s horror that will star Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnbythe two characters from the first title who will give life to it on this occasion Actress Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) and actor David Harbor (Stranger Things).

Just yesterday its distributor THQ Nordic wanted to show us a little more about this new work by showing it to us two followers focused on these two characters, videos you can watch here below to find out how These two actors play the leading roles of adventure:

The return to the Derceto mansion

As we say, the new Alone in the dark suppose a Saga Reboot that he will take us back to the iconic Derceto Mansion to investigate the disappearance of Emily Hartwood’s uncle, which he will try to uncover Secrets of this psychiatric hospital together with the private detective Edward Carnby, who will find some surprises in this psychological horror adventure, which also has Mikael Hedberg, author of the video games, collaborating on the script and development SOMA And amnesia.

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