Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective releases demo on consoles and PC

Capcom has released a demo of Ghost Trick: Phantom DetectiveGhost Trick: Ghost Detective in Spain – on all platforms where it will be released on June 30th, i.e. PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We show you the new trailer that discusses the basic mechanics of the game.

The demo allows us Play through Chapter 2 and your saved game progress can be carried over to the full version. As an incentive, playing this demo also allows us to unlock two wallpapers (Sissel, Town) and a music track to listen to in the menu.

“The demo offers a glimpse into the spirit realm with a tutorial on how to use the powers of the dead. “Own and play with objects to help Sissel – our heroine and protagonist – change the fate of the living and get one step closer to solving the mystery of her own death,” Capcom describes.

A Nintendo DS classic, remastered on modern systems

The game of Original Nintendo DS puzzles proposes to solve our own murder. “A life comes to an end, and yet our story has only just begun…Sissel wakes up as a ghost and discovers that in addition to his life he has also lost his memory,” his story reads. With just hours to find the culprit, Sissel must unravel the mystery of his murder, beginning with the detective who may have witnessed the crime. “Use his otherworldly powers to possess and manipulate objects or travel back in time to solve challenging puzzles in a story filled with hilarious humor and engaging characters.”

The HD remaster of Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective updates the classic directed by series creator Shu Takumi Ace Attorneywith improved graphics and sound. Offer new musical arrangements by the composer Great ace attorney Yasumasa Kitagawa synchronized with the original music allows you to You can switch between both options at any time in the game. It also includes the new gallery with illustrations and music.

In addition to our review of the original, we recently discussed what makes this game so special. “It’s very good, a fantastic, fresh and original game, which was not a commercial success for various reasons. It’s a shame because there was Wickers wanting to be a multi-part saga, but we still wanted it. One of the possible reasons is that it was released so late on the Nintendo DS, just two months after the release of its successor, the Nintendo 3DS, a console that was already grabbing everyone’s attention.

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