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Every February 27, The Pokemon Company He hosts the Pokémon Presents show To celebrate the series’ anniversary. This year is no exception, and fans will get a glimpse of what’s to come for the series next year. If you’re looking to listen to music, here’s where, when and what to expect.

Where and when can I watch Pokémon Day Presents?

As has become Nintendo tradition, the show will air at the crack of dawn at 9am ET/6am PT on February 27. The Pokémon Company has not posted a link to the video as of this writing, but it will be hosted on Official Pokemon YouTube channel Once the live broadcast starts. If you really sleep in at this hour, the entire show will be available as video on demand on the channel after it airs.

What to expect at Pokémon Day Presents

Pokémon Day Presents have become a staple each year in the series, but only in recent years have they become the place The Pokémon Company turns to to make major announcements. In previous years, games like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Bright pearl, Pokemon Legends: ArceusAnd Pokemon Scarlett And Violet They made their first public appearance on these streams. Right now, we don’t know what Pokemon The game will be released this year, but there is a strong possibility that a new RPG will be released for Switch this year.

Right now, there are a lot of rumors going around, but nothing concrete. The most widespread theory is that we may see a remake of the DS games Pokemon Black And whitebecause they are next in line to reproduce next Brilliant diamonds And Bright pearl. If this is true, this will be the first time Pokemon The new version is launching on the same platform as the last, as the successor to the Switch It is said to be aiming for 2025.

Although this may be the safest possibility, there are some unexpected predictions such as a new spin-off similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus Or the Let’s go games, or The Pokémon Company may take a break from its annual blockbuster and rely on non-RPG games to sell video games in 2024. Last year, there was no new game, but carmine And Violet Got two DLC expansions with Teal mask And Indigo disc. However, The Pokémon Company has still been able to put new games on store shelves through re-releases carmine And Violet With expansions packed in.

In addition to the next RPG update, we’ll likely get updates for several live service games. MOBA Pokemon unitepuzzle Pokemon Cafe Remixa gacha game collected by the trainer Pokemon Mastersand lifestyle apps Pokemon Go And Sleeping Pokemon They will likely all appear.

Are they showing anything other than video games on Pokémon Day?

Yes, it is possible. This is supposed to set the tone Pokemon as a brand name this year, which means we could be hearing updates about the trading card game, as well as a new anime It is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on March 7. So be prepared for a little bit of everything.

Whatever The Pokémon Company has to offer, the series has been in a strange place lately after a while Chaotic 2023 And Perceived competitor success In the world. Hopefully the show will deliver and give fans something to look forward to rather than more of the same.

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