Shigeru Miyamoto Says Super Mario Bros. The Movie Exceeded His Expectations

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Will a success in terms of public reception and box office collection, and that hasn’t been released in Japan yet. According to reports, the animated film produced by Illumination and Nintendo could surpass $1 billion in gross income, far exceeding the expectations of Shigeru Miyamoto, the character’s creator, as he recently expressed to the Japanese press.

“I had certain expectations that this film would also do well [como al parque temtico Super Nintendo World], but I was really surprised that when it finally came out, it was beyond what I could have imagined,” says the Japanese creative. “It takes a bit of luck for a film to reach this level of success. Although many foreign critics have given the film relatively low scores, I think that also contributed to the fame and excitement of the film“.

Miyamoto explains why the Japanese version isn’t a direct translation of the American one

The veteran Nintendo designer has also stated that Nintendo was independently responsible for the Japanese script with the goal Create a more attractive band for Nintendo’s local audience. “When we decided to make this film, we talked about creating a unique Japanese screenplay from the beginning. Even if we were taught an English script, it would be difficult to understand the subtle nuances,” he explains.

“For this Japanese version We wanted to create a script that wasn’t cumbersome compared to Chris Meledandri’s version [el director de Illumination], so we got involved in a variety of ways, right down to the voice recording. Basically, for the past ten years, I’ve been quite aware of creating drama in my daily life. [para aplicarlos en la pelcula]he adds.

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