Italy will force the semi-finals of the Champions League between Milan and Inter

At 6:12 p.m


The Communications Garantor Authority will force the opening of the Champions League game

The tie is considered “an event of special importance to society”.

The Italian Champions League semifinals Who’s playing in May? Inter Milan and Milan must be openly televised, viewed”an event of particular importance to society“, announced this Thursday the communication guarantee authority (AGCOM) of that country.

The Milan duel that will be played at the stadium Giuseppe Meazza must “distribute free of charge, live or deferred, in whole or in part” twiceby being part of this type of events “special offers“for what”Service providers guarantee their unencrypted distribution”.

The organism remembers that they are part of these events the open transmission “of the final and semi-finals of the Champions League and the Europa League when Italian teams participate”, as in this case, states AGCOM in a statement.

So he adds aloud to that current legal and regulatory frameworkthe Milan semi-final”are not transmitted exclusively and only in encrypted formto at least guarantee 80% of the Italian population the possibility to follow him for free at no additional cost”.

“Since the The broadcasting rights for the first phase of the competition are the exclusive property of Amazon Prime Videohe is obliged to activate the procedure provided by the decision on the list of events in these cases, formulation of a transfer proposal, under fair market conditionsappropriate and non-discriminatory, the right one that allow the event to be retransmitted under the specified conditions‘ explained in the note.

In case that “no qualifying broadcaster makes an offer or does not do so under fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory market conditions, the broadcaster that owns the rights is entitled to exercise them Regardless of the established conditions,” he says.

He Milan’s last duel in the semi-finals of the Champions League it was controversial 20 years ago, in the 2002/03 season, when Carlo Ancelotti’s Milan defeated their neighbor ‘Nerazzurri’ The Argentinian directed it Héctor Cúper and picked up the ‘orejona’.

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