The entire Champions Group Stage schedule


September 2, 2023 at 12:33 p.m


Barça and Atlético de Madrid make their debuts against Antwerp and Lazio on Tuesday 20th

The next day, Wednesday 20th, the other three Spanish teams, Real Madrid, Sevilla and Real Sociedad

The Barcelona and the Athletic of Madrid They will open the Spanish participation in the group stage of the Champions League next Tuesday 19th according to the announced schedules this Saturday from UEFA.

The team of Group H seed Xavi Hernández hosts Belgium debutants Antwerp at the same time with Atlético de Madrid are guests in the E at the Italian Lazio Rome.

The next day, the Wednesday 20th, the other three Spanish teams, Real Madrid, Sevilla and Real Sociedadis published as local.

the box At 6:45 p.m. Carlo Ancelotti welcomes Union Berlin, who is also a debutant.The team of José Luis Mendilíbar will play Lens at 21:00 at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuá the same time that the table of Imanol Alguacil meets Inter Milancurrent runner-up at the Reale Arena.

Spanish teams calendar:

day 1

September 19th: Lazio-Atletico Madrid (9 p.m.) and Barcelona-Antwerp (9 p.m.)

September 20th: Real Madrid-Union Berlin (18:45), Sevilla-Lens (21:00) and Real Sociedad-Inter (21:00)

Day 2:

October 3: Salzburg-Real Sociedad (18.45), PSV-Seville (21.00) and Naples-Real Madrid (21.00)

4th of October: Atlético de Madrid-Feyenoord (18.45), Porto-Barcelona (9 p.m.)

Day 3

October 24th: Sevilla-Arsenal (9pm), Braga-Real Madrid (9pm) and Benfica-Real Sociedad (9pm)

October 25: Barcelona-Shakhtar (18.45)Celtic-Atletico Madrid (9 p.m.)

Day 4:

November 7th: Shakhtar-Barcelona (18.45)Atlético de Madrid-Celtic (9 p.m.)

November 8th: Real Sociedad-Benfica (18.45), Arsenal-Seville (21.00), Real Madrid-Braga (21.00)

Day 5:

November 28th: Feyenoord-Atletico Madrid (9 p.m.), Barcelona-Porto (9 p.m.)

November 29th: Sevilla-PSV (18.45), Real Madrid-Naples (21.00), Real Sociedad-Salzburg (21.00)

Day 6:

12th of December: Lens-Seville (18.45), Union Berlin-Real Madrid (21.00), Inter-Rel Sociedad (21.00)

13th December: Atlético de Madrid-Lazio (9 p.m.), Antwerp-Barcelona (9 p.m.)

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