Gran Canaria, Eurocup champion for the first time in its history

At 11:45 p.m.


They defeated Türk Telekom Ankara in their pavilion in the finals in a single game 71-67

The right to play in Euroleague next season is earned if the club wants the place

He Gran Canaria was crowned Eurocup champion for the first time in its historyby defeating Turk Telekom Ankara 71-67 in their pavilion in the singles match final, earning them the right to play in the Euroleague next season if the club wants the spot.




Grand Canary

Albicy (13), Brussino (11), Slaughter (16), Shurna (18) and Balcerowski (5) -starters-; Inglis (6), K. Diop (-), Salvó (-), Bassas (-), Stevic (-) and Benite (2).

Turkish telecom

Taylor (4), Grant (16), Yilmaz (-), Bouteille (17) and Jones (17) – Starting Team – Erden (3), Sestina (7), Eric (-) and Yagmur (3).


Sasa Pukl (Slovenia), Rain Peerandi (Estonia) and Adar Peer (Israel). No deleted.


Match equivalent to the Eurocup final – a single match – to be played at the Gran Canaria Arena in front of 9,869 spectators.

American John Shurna was voted MVP in a chameleon final with 18 points and 3 rebounds that it was the Spanish team that ultimately made the decisive contribution to the Illinois striker’s off-field success.

Gran Canaria started more than from the touchline, with threes from Brussino and Slaughter allowing them to make the first differences of the game (9-2), although the Turkish reaction was immediate, lto respond with a partial 0-8 by the Grant-Taylor duo (9-10).

However, the Claretians’ presentation continued from the outside line, with Albicy taking over to put the locals back on oxygen (19-12). Grant set the replica in the paint using cups and penetrations, but it wasn’t enough for the Turkey team as Brussino and Shurna came back to attack from the back three. to close the first quarter at 29-23 for the Islanders.

In the second third came the appearance of Shurna, who increased the distances to over ten (37-24) with a suspension shot and two three-pointers in a row and thus forced the time-out of Turkish coach Erdem Can.

The accumulation of personnel also took its toll on the Ankara teamwith less depth on the bench and more reliance on their regulars, which Gran Canaria took advantage of to create a new short circuit for the visitors.

An “Alley-oop” from Slaughter performed by Olek Balcerowski was the icing on the cake, earning another tactical break for the Ottomans, who were drifting in electronics at 44-24. Bouteille tried to reduce the bleeding but the yellows’ positive indolence allowed him to gain a good lead (50-33) before heading through the tunnel to the dressing rooms.

After the break, Turk Telekom adjusted defense to smother the circulation of point guards and yellow guards, while Jones won whole numbers in the box to close the gap by 8 almost consecutive points (55-45).

The Yellows continued to maintain type in the exchange, although a three-pointer from Bouteille and another from Sestina allowed the Turks reduce the gap to six (61-55), just ahead of the gates of the last quarter.

Faced with this new panorama, Gran Canaria got stuck on the border despite being able to keep the ditch armored, leading to a chain of errors in both rings in the opening minutes of the final lap (64-57 at 7:09 to go). ). .

Gran Canaria remained stuck while Ankara’s Yagmur and Grant (64-62) took advantage of the situation. Until Shurna’s three gave the Yellows (67-62) breath in an agonizing result.

The tension multiplied after the substitution of Khalifa Diop, who was looking to prepare for two free throws, but the shock he suffered in the penalty area meant he was substituted off so he could be seen by the physios, with Vitor Benite doing the Command took the kicks from the personal line (69-64), a factor that caused the Turkish expedition’s uneasiness.

After this sequence, the errors multiplied, a circumstance that Gran Canaria took advantage of to delay and date the epic with the first continental title in its history (71-67).

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