Respawn doesn’t rule out Titanfall 3, but assures that it must arrive at the “right time”.

titan case 3 It’s one of the video games most wanted by many fans of hectic first-person shooters, although everything indicates that it’s a project that’s far from being realized. Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind its development, has warned on numerous occasions that the third numbered installment in the Titanfall saga is not currently a priority, partly due to the huge success it has had. Apex Legends, a title in constant development. However, Vince Zampella, CEO of the study, has commented that he doesn’t completely rule it out titan case 3although he warns against it There are some very specific conditions that need to be met to get the green light..

“It has to be the right thing. It’s a franchise that’s loved by fans and loved by us too. If it’s not the right time, the right idea, then there’s no point“Zampella said. In this way, the manager leaves the door open titan case 3however, cannot assure players that this will happen any time soon.

Titanfall 2, one of the best FPS in recent years

“The first installment laid the groundwork for fast-paced and fast-paced gameplay, but the lack of content and lack of a campaign mode were two key factors that weighed on the final experience. This time Respawn Entertainment has listened to the community and offers a huge amount of content. In addition, the gameplay retains all its essence and has improved in mobility and power, which together with the balanced list of weapons, skills, titans and pilots, offers a hugely addictive battlefield and a longer lifespan than the original. Definitive, titan fall 2 is one of the best shooters of the year,” we said in our review.

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