An EA patent could revolutionize the customization of video game characters by recording the player’s voice

Electronic Arts has patented a system what is aimed at Players can customize the characters’ voices from a video game Use your own voice or even modify it using a converter Agree.

The patent, called “Create speech using the voice of a video game player”Details that the players would record the voice, which would then go through a synthesizer module, a voice converter and an encoder to generate a dialogue based on the sound example.

A new level of customization

If this patent is put into practice The customization of video game characters would reach a new level by having the opportunity that they had the same voice as the player or one adapted by him. Additionally, the system could capture more subtle but important elements of communication, such as: the tone, emotion or emphasis of some words.

Previously, games usually included the option to do this choose between several voices, However, this implied a previous recording process that could now be dispensed with. However, it must be remembered These patents are rarely implemented in real projects.

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