Crisis in Destiny 2? Your player count on Steam is falling to historic lows

Destiny 2 It is one of the games as a service the most successful it has had in recent years on both consoles and PC, especially after integrating with Steam in 2019, with Valve’s platform helping to boost the computer gaming community.

However, Bungie’s title appears to be before that a new crisis at least on the PC since right now The number of players on Steam is at an all-time low According to data from Steam Charts and SteamDB, two platforms known for collecting various data from this gaming platform.

Accordingly Steam chartswhile Last month the average number of players was around 34,000 with a maximum peak of 59,076 concurrent playersData that too They match those of SteamDB, which recorded a peak of 59,083 players on October 21st which has not been repeated in these weeks in which a steady and gradual decline has been observed. Actually, This data is very far from the player record on Steam, which was broken 9 months ago with 316,750 souls playing the Bungie title at the same time as the Lightfall expansion was released last February.

Layoffs and delays to the next expansion could be the key to losing players

But why is there a decline in players on Steam? The reasons can be varied, starting with a logical wear and tear in a game that’s already 6 years behind it but beyond that we must add the layoffs that occurred at Bungie a few months ago, which may have affected the studio’s reputation and also affected plans to release new content, as the new expansion was delayed from February 2024 to June.

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