PS5 Pro leaks say it will have “ultra spectral resolution”

the PS5 Pro The rumor mill is turning again. While some analysts believe that Sony’s PlayStation update will be released sometime this year, Most likely before GTA 6 OutWe still don’t know much about the console. Now, a new leak suggests that the enhanced PS5 will not only have more teraflops than the Xbox Series

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Tech YouTuber Moore Is Dead, who has been subject to leaks in the past, uploaded a video on March 14 containing documents he claimed were “from inside Sony.” According to the alleged documents, the PS5 Pro is codenamed “Trinity” and “looks like a real improvement over the base PS5.

For starters, the leaks claim that the PS5 Pro delivers 45 percent faster performance than the base console, with ray tracing speeds two to four times faster. It also comes with a custom machine learning architecture of what’s called PlayStation Spectral Supersolution (PSSR).

Moore’s Law is dead

According to the YouTube user’s documentation, the technology is an internal upscaling tool from Sony that will replace temporary game anti-aliasing or upsampling with a resolution similar to the output from AMD’s FSR2 or Nvidia’s DLSS technologies. Essentially, the PSSR will squeeze every bit of resolution into the game to give you the best visuals possible, with support starting at 4K but eventually going all the way up to 8K and higher graphic settings.

However, something console warriors might gravitate towards is the teraflop, a unit used to measure a computer’s speed. Remember when the Xbox Series I promoted 12 teraflops, which means… Gaming performance was reportedly better There because the GPU was more capable. These white pages indicate that the PS5 Pro will have 33.5 teraflops, nearly triple that of the SeriesThe most powerful console in the world“.Which I think is great.

Kotaku I have reached out to Sony for comment.

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It looks like the PS5 Pro will eventually boil down to an improved version of the PS5, which doesn’t seem necessary at the moment Sony won’t release “new existing main franchise” games until 2025. Who do you know? Maybe then, when the PS5 Pro arrives, the games launching alongside it will be a compelling selling point. Until then, I’m perfectly fine with my current controller.

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