Fortnite’s current success is driving its Save the World mode, which is breaking a player record

Fourteen days Experiences a second youth with Fortnite OG, a return to the origins Battle Royale. The return of the original map has seen the free competitive mode win back many players and once again become the most played title in the world, but it also has idrove success in this different way, something more forgotten and that was the first experience Fourteen days: save the world.

Although Fourteen days is associated with Battle Royale published in 2017, save the world It is the original mode, PvE – player against enemies -, cooperative and with construction mechanics, which lets us fight against hordes of monsters. It never overshadowed Battle Royale -partly because save the world It is still paid but the growth of users in recent days made it save the world is approaching 52,000 concurrent playersa record because there are records for the tab discovery.

The power of nostalgia

Battle Royale returns your card, objects such as shopping carts, SUVs, the assault rifle, the pump shotgun and the Zero construction. “Travel back in time season by season. Equipment that returns from the vault with each update may only be available during that update, for some time, or for the duration.” Fortnite: Origins“, announced Epic Games. Don’t miss our Guide with secrets and tips to improve in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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