Get Nexomon: Extinction for Nintendo Switch for only €9.99 at GAME

Offered by GAME Spain.

If you like monster collecting games then this is it GAME flash sale You will love today! Nexomon: Extinction is a game that offers you an incomparable adventure in which you will have to travel the world to save it, meeting more than 300 Nexomon along the way! But best of all, you can get your hands on this incredible game for Nintendo Switch for only $9.99 through August 6th or while supplies last.

Choose your first Nexomon, set off and explore the world, battle other trainers and discover countless locations and mysteries on the map – you have many hours ahead of you!

Our analysis of Nexomon: Extinction

“There are many games that try to take advantage of the trail and the marked path Pokemon but there are very few who manage to stand out. Nexomon: Extinction is one of them and has become one of the most valuable productions that have emerged in this field in recent years. Combat is well designed (although we sometimes found some poorly adjusted difficulty spikes), We can find more than 380 Nexomon and the visual section has been well taken care of. Perhaps lacking in aspects such as the lack of a competitive multiplayer mode, a general lack of polish (translation, balance, etc.) and of course a little more originality overall, especially in the conception of the creatures. But despite all that, we insist that it’s a very viable title in its style,” we conclude in our conclusion Analysis.

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