Dragon’s Dogma 2 Beginner’s Guide: 18 Things to Know

يقف شيب وأرينديل في بلدة.

Screenshot: Capcom/Kotaku

Early in your Dragon’s Doctrine 2 By playing, you will make your pawn in the character creator. This is your partner in crime who will accompany you and rise by your side throughout the game, but he will not be your only companion. You’ll eventually fill out a pool of four other pawns you meet along your journey. These games can be made by Capcom, or they can be ones made by other players (assuming you’re playing online). You can recruit them by talking to them either in the game world or by accessing the cracked rocks found in different villages and towns.

While your initial pawn will rise with you, any other pawn you capture will stay at the same level. This incentivizes you to spin them as you progress, but they will cost RC, which is a separate currency from what you spend in stores. Before you leave the first town, make sure to recruit a full team to assist you in battle. If you can, make sure your party fills all four primary combat roles (Fighter, Archer, Thief, Mage) so you have a range of skills between you.

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