Which LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing modes are coming to Fortnite and when?

One of the great news announced in The Big Bangthe event that revealed the contents of the next big season of Fortnite Battle Royaleis that the Epic Games game will be expanded next week with new modes available for free in the game itself. Fourteen days.

Since it had already leaked, Fourteen days Receive the modes LEGO Fortnite And Rocket race on December 7th and 8th respectively. A new mode will also be inaugurated on the same December 8th Fortnite Festival This will allow us to interact with the concerts in new ways, for the first time with an appearance by The Weeknd (who will be performing his own concert). skin).

LEGO Fortnitean open world survival adventure

One of the most attractive additions this season is LEGO Fortnitea mode that goes beyond a simple aesthetic change: the characters become LEGO dollsYes, and the building blocks are used to shape the world, but what stands out here is that the structure will take us away from there Open world adventure with survival and craft for the whole family.

In the event of The Big Bang We were able to visit part of it LEGO Fortnite in which we saw the building, craftsocial interaction, all kinds of enemies to fight, different biomes… Everything is represented in a mix of styles between LEGO and Fortnite.

Rocket raceArcade racing from the makers of Rocket League

PsyonixResponsible for Rocket Leaguethey have developed a new racing mode Arcadian for Fourteen days. This is Rocket Racing, an independent modality that bets on crazy competitions on crazy tracks on which the vehicles can race Run, jump, fly, drift and turn around drive upside down. This new mode also allows cars to be introduced into the Battle Pass Fourteen days.

New Fortnite modes: LEGO, Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival.

Fortnite Festival, a new mode from the creators of Rock Band

HarmonixCreator of Rock bandhave also been working on a new mode within Fourteen days. As could not be otherwise, this mode focuses on the virtual concerts that the singers offer in the game: with Fortnite Festival Players can follow the music by hitting the notes correctly in the purest style when they reach the bottom of the board. Rock band either Guitar hero.

New Fortnite modes: LEGO, Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival.

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