The 17 best PS5 games in 2023 show that Sony’s console is on the rise

Although the PlayStation 5 didn’t come out of the gate with a deep lineup, it… Demon souls Developed by Bluepoint Games, the remake is one of the best console launch games in recent memory. It maintains most of what made the original PlayStation 3 so special, sprucing things up a bit with a massive visual fidelity upgrade and some very useful quality of life updates. It may not be the best or most satisfying Souls Adventure – a high bar – but Demon souls Both justify the move to the next-gen system and solidify Bluepoint as a studio we want to remake our favorite games when the time comes.

Good match for: Demon souls Fans who don’t mind some aesthetic changes, people looking for a relatively easy entry point into Souls series and anyone who doesn’t mind a good challenge.

Not a good match for: Demon souls Fans who just wanted a direct outlet. Gamers who want their games to be as frustration-free as possible.

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How has this list changed? Read back through our update log:

Update dated 12/26/23: Spider-Man: Miles Morales And Resident Evil Village It has been replaced by Spider-Man 2 And Resident Evil 4, respectively. also, Baldur’s Gate 3the (most interesting) Game of the Year of 2023, took its place on the PlayStation pedestal and Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut He was granted entry into the sacred halls. As a result of the changes, Life is Strange: True Colors It has been withdrawn from the list.

Update 6/28/2023: Final Fantasy XVI And Street Fighter 6 Join the battle.

Update 11/24/2022: Astro games room He has finally slipped off the bottom, and his promotional work is now complete, heralding the arrival God of War Ragnarok.

Update 04/20/2022: We have added Al-Din ring And Forbidden Horizon Westduring removal Immortals Phoenix Rising.

Update 1/21/2022: Without a path He lost his way on the road, but three newcomers were found: Guardians of the Galaxy, Missing judgmentAnd Life is Strange: True Colors.

Update 06/28/2021: That’s 12! Returning, Resident Evil VillageAnd Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Join the list. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergradeonce it was a PS4 exclusive, it is being discontinued Goodfallwhich will soon no longer be a PS5 console exclusive.

Update 4/2/2021: Excellent work, 47. killer 3 Joins the ranks.

Update 12/25/2020: Immortals Phoenix Rising He received a seat in the Pantheon. also, Destiny 2Next generation update and Beyond light The expansion makes it feel like a great new game.

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