Avowed will have multiple open zones like The Outer Worlds, Obsidian confirms

Explainedthe new role-playing and fantasy video game from Obsidian Entertainment, began its development with an approach very similar to that of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, although it eventually changed directions and looked a lot more like The Outer Worlds, another work from the same studio. In a recent interview during the Xbox Extended Showcase, Carrie Patel, the director, shared the following New details on what players can expect in terms of level scaling and level design.

“The world is configured as a series of interconnected open areas that players can explore at their own paceexplained Patel, who tried to allay the concerns of the hoped-for players Explained It was an open world experience. “You can invest in exploring all corners of the world, uncovering all the secrets, finding all the side quests, meeting all the characters…or you can have a much more focused experience.”

It really depends on the players and how much time they want to spend in The Living Lands. [el mundo en el que se desarrolla la aventura]but I hope that you will spend a lot of time with us once you are there Explained will be offered for sale,” he added to his previous comments. It is therefore clear that the duration of Explained depending on the time each user wants to spend, although a considerable amount of content is offered.

What is the power of Obsidian games?

“I think where Obsidian shines as an RPG creator is in building nuanced and impactful worlds, stories that focus more on depth and breadth, and Thoughtful mission design that rewards player exploration and experimentation, giving them a sense of agency. And that gives them a lot of opportunities to interact with the world and the characters,” Patel said, explaining the shift in emphasis.

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