FC Barcelona | De la Fuente and the “Gavi case”: “I have a great relationship with Xavi”

December 3, 2023 at 11:37 a.m


The Spanish coach explained that the Barça coach “understood that Gavi’s injury was an accident.”

He also spoke about Brahim’s situation after his good game with Madrid and his options to play for Spain.

Luis de la Fuente represented Spain in the Euro 2024 draw in Hamburg. The red one was assigned to the group of death, with Croatia, Italy and AlbaniaBut the coach is optimistic and spoke again about the “Gavi case” in case there were any doubts.

De la Fuente explained that he had no problems with the Barça team due to the unfortunate injury to the youth team. “I have a great relationship with Xavi, we respect each other as professionals and he understood that it was an accident“.

The coach emphasized in his speech that “the most difficult thing is to cope with an injury to a footballer, just like what happened.” When Dani Olmo or Asensio were injured, I already said that I changed the result so that they were healthy. The health of the footballer is a priority, but we are facing a risky activity and unfortunately these circumstances happen,” he answered questions from Fernando Burgos on Radio Estadio Noche on Onda Cero.

On criticism in the Barcelona environment: De la Fuente clarified: “I didn’t take it for granted.” and that is supported by the footballers who “They know how we take care of them and that it was an accident, Which I regret, as it does for other colleagues who did not have such influence. “The footballer knows what we are like and what we do.”

Brahim’s decision

De la Fuente also spoke about Brahim Diaz, protagonist in Madrid – Granada with a great performance. Brahim has not yet publicly decided whether he would go for it Play with Morocco or Spain.

Real Madrid midfielder Brahim Díaz controls a ball during a game against Granada


The Riojan was blunt: “For me there is no debate. Brahim: I know he wants to play for Spain, that’s the news I received. He described himself as Spanish. But it’s not about whether you call me or not, it’s about love with all the consequences., regardless of whether you are called or not. I know he wants to be with us. It’s very good that he, the club and Spanish football are doing very well. “He’s another player joining the cause.”

As for its renewal, His contract ends on June 30, 2024, in the middle of the European ChampionshipsHe showed his usual common sense. “I am sure that the moment will come, and soon. If two people, the Federation and Luis de la Fuente, feel comfortable, there is no problem. “If it has to be, it will be.”

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