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Xavi’s wish is to see the Portuguese in the Barça shirt

Although the operation is very complicated, Manchester City’s way of working paints a slightly more optimistic scenario

Xavi has invoked a wish Bernardo Silva. The man from Egar wants the Portuguese to wear the Barça shirt to make a significant leap in quality for the project and the footballer wants to join barca and leave this premier league. Management agreed to make an effort to get him there, but that Manchester City will not consider any suggestion. However, the precedents paint a slightly more optimistic scenario.

It is true that the club’s economic situation complicates the situation considerably, and the departure of Riyadh Mahrez Arabia doesn’t help either. Despite the player’s will to start the new course with less and less time, the City He won’t make it too easy for him to leave. Of course they have distinguished themselves in recent years by letting many of their great players leave the club. In fact, he always reminds himself of it. Guardiola: “I don’t want a player who doesn’t want to be here, I want to work with guys who want to stay.””.


One such case is that of Leroy Sane. The German footballer took course Bayern Munich the summer of 2020 in exchange for 49 million euros. A price that is not excessive for a (then) 24-year-old player with very good explosiveness and physical condition and one of the best left-footed players in Europe. The player himself recognized that the relationship with Guardiola was good and that “There never came a time when one got tired of the other. I am very grateful for everything he taught me“He explained the decision.

Leroy Sané during a Champions League match with Bayern Munich


The same happened with Gabriel Jesus either Raheem Sterling. Both left the same market, namely that in the summer of 2022, towards London. The Brazilian signed for the arsenal changed from 52 million to . The English chose that Chelsea, who paid 56 kilos for him. The two held some importance in the team, but a good offer came along and they respected the desire to pack their bags. This season it’s up Riyadh Mahrez. With the Algerian, a special and important footballer has left the squad Al Ahli by Saudi Arabia in exchange for 32.5 million euros.

Other good examples are Oleksandr Zinchencko either Ferran Torres. Even if they weren’t fundamental at the club, the role they offered was good. Firstly due to the need for full-backs in the squad. Second, because of the versatility he guaranteed in attack. However, the proposals received were sufficient and were rejected. The Ukrainian went to arsenal de Arteta in exchange for 35 million last summer. The Spaniards, too barca for 55 “kilo”, in January 2022.


He Manchester City He has also allowed great talent to “escape”. In 2017 the Borussia Dortmund took a Jadon Sancho 17 years old for 20.5 million euros, obtained by being voted the best European U17 player. The winger was one of the homegrown players who pep Guardiola He followed him closely, forming the club’s greatest hopes trio with Phil Foden and Brahim Díaz. However, his future began to change when negotiations for his new contract began and he eventually left on the last trading day.

Jadon Sancho signed for Manchester United after his time at Borussia Dortmund

| agencies

He City couldn’t keep Romeo Laviaone of the base players who liked the most Guardiola. signed for him southampton last season in exchange for 12.3 million euros. The 19-year-old Pivot is now one of the main players in the transfer market and half the Premier League’s wet dream.


Although the scenario is different with the players being sacked at the end of the course as the club does not have as much control over the situation, it was also acknowledged that the City It hasn’t caused too much trouble for players who have expressed a will to change the air. This summer has proven itself Ilkay Gundoganbrand new signing by barca at zero cost. He City He requested an extension but they respected the player’s decision. The same happened with Eric Garcia. That’s how I explained it pep Guardiola:”Eric García has told us he doesn’t want to renew his contract at Manchester City. I can imagine that he would like to play somewhere else.

Gündogan poses for SPORT at the Barça Concentration Hotel in Los Angeles

| Valentin Enrich

The common denominator in many cases was expressing a desire to leave the club. Then, Guardiola He kept his word not to keep players who didn’t want to be in the team and in the end a solution was found for both sides.

In the case of Bernardo Silvawho is 28 years old and whose contract ends in the summer of 2025, the economic proposal that could achieve that barca would not exceed fixed at 65 million a number too far from the 80 they ask for on paper. Another formula that could be used is that of a mandatory call order. The Portuguese have to put pressure on that Citytransferred his desire to join Barcelona to Barcelona.

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