Larian Studios next project after Baldur’s Gate 3 will be smaller

Baldur’s Gate 3 It is the role-playing and action video game of today. After several years in Early Access, a period that the artists of Larian Studios used to implement new features, fix bugs and bring new content to the title, the final version went on sale a few days ago and delighted the fans of the genre. Despite this, the studio already has its future project in mind, which will be much smaller and therefore won’t have as long a development time as that Baldur’s Gate 3.

Swen Vincke, CEO of Larian Studios, recently opened up about the developer’s future in an interview exclusively for Bloomberg. The CEO notes that given the recent release, it’s still too early to talk about what Larian Studios’ next project will be Baldur’s Gate 3, ensures that it is a much smaller title. Vincke also notes that he would like his creative teams to be able to work on multiple projects at once, rather than just developing one big title.

Our impressions after the first hours of play

“It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure with almost everything the tabletop roleplayer could want from a PC video game, adopting the rules of a license as iconic as dungeons. From the recreation of the creatures or the locations of Faern to the combat system, the way the main or side content is intertwined or the care that is put into every part of the game makes us want to keep playing, without stopping to see if that’s the case The new Larian’s title manages to hold its own throughout the game. in order to do this, We’ll undoubtedly be up against the best RPG in its category, and even a serious contender for Game of the Year” we told you in our Impressions.

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