Stephen Curry, the reign continues

November 5th, 2023 at 6:30 a.m


Golden State’s point guard lists some of the most important stats early in the season

At 35 years old, Stephen Curry is already in the running for MVP due to his outstanding level

There are players who don’t seem to be affected too much by the passing of the years. In one N.B.A in which Lebron James continues to dominate, who at 39 years old (the oldest in the entire league) also doesn’t come out of the “wagon”. Stephen Curry, who is off to a sensational start to the season.

Already considered the best shooter of all time And with four championship rings in his hands, the Warriors point guard entered his fifteenth season with the challenge of keeping the project of the Golden State Warriors going, who once again entered the battle to take over the “wild” West. His numbers are on par with the best.


After six games played, the former Davidson Leads the NBA with 185 total points scored, aThe numbers that allow the Warriors to move to the top of the Western Conference with a record of 5 wins and 1 lossbehind only Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, who have the same record.

Steph Curry, the star of the game

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Curry is the most efficient player in the entire league. He averages 30.8 points per game, the fourth best of all players, but he can do it 31.8 minutes played, Records far from its main competitors. Doncic, Mitchell and Fox top this list, but they are on the pitch an average of 4-5 minutes longer.

It is virtually impossible to improve his shooting statistics, numbers that go beyond excellence, but “Steph” has shown in these first games that he is more precise than ever: 46.6% from the three-point line, 94% on free throws and 55.1% on field goalsthree numbers that exceed their average values NBA career. Sublimate.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the “genius” of Golden State With 33 three-pointers made and 5.5 per fight, he dominates all lists from a distance. Who will stop this monster?


The Warriors dynasty of the last decade would be impossible to understand without them the “clutch” factor of their best player Curry He is capable of breaking through any defensive frame and proves time and time again why you have to trust him when the ball burns the most.

The point guard scored the winning basket against the Oklahoma City Thunder with 00.2 seconds left on the scoreboard. a typical layup where he left his defender behind and fired his signature “bomb” that couldn’t be blocked.

This “game winner” marked the first victory for the Steve Kerr-led team in the new NBA Cup format known as the “In Season Tournament”, in which the Warriors share a group with the Kings, Timberwolves, Spurs and Thunder.


After the Warriors were crowned NBA champions in 2022, they decided to make a “great deal.” to Jordan Poole, one of the big revelations of this season and who played a key role in the playoffs. The guard pocketed 140 million in 4 years, But his decline in performance last year forced him to move to the San Francisco franchise.

Wembanyama vs Chris Paul


On one of the summer transfers Golden State parted ways with Poole and acquired Chris Paul, A legend of recreational competition, Kerr trusted alongside Curry, Klay and Green for one final “sprint.” At 38 years old, CP3 seems to be adapting beautifully to his new role. Start now from the bench.

The former Suns player holds the fifth-best assists per game average in the entire NBA (9.0) and already has a total of 54, a style of play that allows the Warriors to once again play a choir game with everyone involved, something that was lost in the 22/23 campaign. Against Oklahoma he put on another “show” by hosting 13 baskets to his colleagues 0 losses in your personal locker.

Profiles like those of Kuminga, Wiggins or Saric They benefit the most from Chris Paul’s appearance on the program. So far, the transfer proves Golden State right.

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