An unforgettable moment from Alan Wake 2 was almost cut

In Alan Wake 2 There is no shortage of strange moments, both interactive and cinematic sequences designed to leave the player speechless. But there’s one thing about the game’s first few hours that will stay with anyone who gives the game a chance. Survival horror from Remedy Entertainment. AND almost not includedas its top officials revealed Podcast friends per second from Improve yourself (goes VGC). Naturally, What follows contains plot spoilers spoiler.

The mission in question is the fourth episode with Alan Wake, “We Can’t”, in which the author immerses himself in a musical that is as different in both its staging and the relationship that the songs have to the narrative is impressive. Creative director Sam Lake explains: “It was that way for a variety of reasons.” It’s very, very difficult to have a musical in this. And there were many Production meetings [donde la gente deca]: “Come on, we have to shorten this”. I said, ‘Of course not, we won’t make it.'”

“If you say to someone, ‘Let’s put a musical into a survival horror game,’ The question is, “Okay, how?” What’s the flow of the game like there?’Adds game director Kyle Rowley. Lake elaborates on one of the motivations for recording the sequence: “I knew that.” Matthew Poretta [la voz del escritor en la versin original] is a great singer, so Alan Wake can sing here. And then we find David Harewood [Mr. Door]who is great and has experience in singing.

The new Game+ update will contain more story

When Epic Games Publishing publishes the title for PS5, Xbox Series and PC (EGS exclusive) On October 27th, Remedy announced its plans for additional content. Among them is one New Game+ free, which will be available about a month after launch and which will have, among other things narrative elements. Although the Finnish study doesn’t reveal what they’re made of, some of them have been leaked.

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