A final push is enough for Valencia to beat Alba and achieve its best start


November 2, 2023 at 11:52 p.m


The team coached by Álex Mumbrú won 79:71 and remains at the top of the table with a record of 5:1

Between Semi Ojeleye, Jared Harper and Brandon Davies they overwhelmed the German team in the final section of the game

He Valencia added this Thursday before Alba Berlin a new victory in the Euroleague They managed to achieve their best historical start to the tournament with five wins and one defeat and to settle in the noble zone, with a regression in their game due to a lack of consistency, but with a furious final attack that brought the team down Israel González.




Valencia basket

(15+26+15+23): Jones (10), Robertson (-), Ojeleye (19), Reuvers (5), Touré (2) – Starting Five – Davies (14), Inglis (6), Jovic ( 6), Ferrando (-), Pradilla (2), Puerto (4) and Harper (11).

ALBA Berlin

(14+25+15+17): Spagnolo (2), Brown (19), Olinde (10), Themann (8), Nikic (-) – Starting Five – Procida (5), Delow (4), Schneider ( 3), Thomas (16), Koumadje (-) and Bean (4).


Hordov (CRO), Vyklicky (CZE) and Udyanskyy (GBR). No eliminated.


The game corresponds to the sixth day of the regular phase of the Euroleague and was played in La Fonteta in front of 6,351 spectators.

Inconsistent and imprecise in defense, their greatest virtue at the beginning of the season, the Valencian team failed to dominate the rhythm, but they did not let the German team lose their composure in the final minutes Half Ojeleye, Jared Harper And Brandon Davies They overpowered him.

At the beginning there was no offensive success in either basket, two three-pointers Half Ojeleye gave impetus to it Valencia but something similar happened sunrise with Louis Olindea situation that kept the score level while waiting for a factor that would change the game (15-14, d. 10).

The appearance of Jared Harper gave the premises verticality, but the return of Matt Thomas for the Fonteta It also expanded the German team’s offensive range. The balance remained, much to the chagrin of Alex Mumbru, who saw that his team was unable to set the tempo from defense as they had done so far this season (31-31, 15th minute). La Fonteta encouraged, but out of inertia.

The minutes of the first half passed without either team managing to break away from each other, a situation in which the visitors felt more comfortable. Nevertheless, the final appearance of Chris Jones This allowed the locals to reach the break with a minimal lead (41-39, minute 20).

He came back better sunrise And MumbruHe was angry and had to take a timeout after a few minutes to stop the German team’s growth. The impetus of Damian Inglis and from Ojeleye helped that Valencia He had to increase his intensity and although his lack of confidence hampered his attack, it was only through greater consistency of energy that he was able to take the lead (55-49, 28th minute).

He sunrise did not collapse and a new triple Thomas He encouraged them and increased the score before the start of the last quarter (56-54, minute 30). Both began to trade control of the scoreboard as the script continued and nothing stopped them from reaching a close finish (63-64, M.35).

If the points of Sterling brown threatened to disrupt the away team’s game Valencia He launched his final attack. A triple of Ojeleye and a robbery with a basket Harper They were the starting signal and Brandon Davies threw Valencia for a victory that immediately seemed distant sunrise.

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