Tinder Palencia is an ACB team


06/19/2023 at 12:40 am


The Palencia team confirmed their promotion after beating Hereda San Pablo Burgos 95-83 at the Coliseum

Palencia will make its debut in the top national basketball competition next season

Palencia Basket is an ACB team after beating Hereda San Pablo Burgos 95-83 at the Coliseum He finished second in the regular league in a game in which he consistently topped the scoreboard, certifying his good season.


LEB Gold League




Tinder Palencia

(28+22+23+22): Schmidt (7), Wintering (15), Ortega (29), Kasibabu (4), Kostadinov (6) – Starting Five – Merlo (-), Rozitis (-), Martínez ( 0), Rodriguez (10), Kamba (6), Gonzalez (-), McGrew (17).

Inherit San Pablo Burgos

(22+20+19+22): Thomas (14), Van Zegeren (0), López (13), Suárez (0), Rupnik (3) – Starting Five – San Miguel (3), Enechionya (-), Kacinas (2), Barrera (15), Corbalán (6), Mahalbasic (14), Norelia (13).


By Lucas, Angel; Deros, Guillermo; Steve, Igor. Eliminated for five fouls by Ale López (San Pablo Burgos).


Final of the Final Four for promotion to ACB at Coliseum Burgos.

Palencia celebrates its premiere in the highest national basketball competition after starring in a great game in which the purple club MVP of the season, Chumi Ortega, was without a doubt the best.

Luka Rupnik opened the can in the Coliseum Going 2+1, San Pablo led 8-0 in Palencia’s favor to give them a six-point lead, although Ale López soon leveled from a free-kick.

Neither team would allow too many mistakes.but acknowledging the importance of the game, with some inaccuracies on the part of the two teams such as the two early fouls by Van Zegeren, countered by the two by Kostantinov, with both players sitting on the bench, the second units of the inside game came out and the duo Norelia – Mahalbasic with a three-pointer prevented Palencia from leaving with a larger lead at the end of the first quarter (28-22).

Manu Rodriguez began commanding the offensive capacity of Burgos The outside shot kept the game alive, with a great Ale López knocking the team onto their backs, but every time the Burgos side scored a point, a fresh arreón from Palencia quashed the possibility of a Burgos comeback.

Chumi Ortega, that he had in his pocket the Palencia fans driven into the Coliseumhe shot with pride and his seven points served to see Palencia eventually exit the break with a slight advantage (50-42), but that left some negative feelings in Burgos as he had conceded 50 points in 20 minutes.

Two bad attacks from Burgos along with a triple from McGrew opened the third quarter (53-42) and Burgos made poor decisions that left Palencia with a 13-point lead.

mahalbasic He scored again and prepared the final score of 55:48 But another 9 straight points from Palencia and another 5-point run halted San Pablo’s progress (67-53).

The substitution only favored Palencia, who were struggling with a score of 12 points in the last ten minutes, allowing Pedro Rivero’s side to play a little more calmly than their rivals (73-61).

Barrera launched the fourth cut from the triplebut Chumi Ortega’s response came, although Thomas hit a three-pointer at 7:40 on the scoreboard to lower the psychological barrier of 10 points (76-67), Burgos’ intensity in defense increased, but only a few steps from Thomas away they gave the ball back to the people of Palencia and Curro Segura had to stop it.

That break didn’t help BurgosWell, Palencia wasn’t confident and returned to the 13-point lead that already seemed definitive as barely three and a half minutes remained and time passed and San Pablo’s efforts went unrewarded.

The Palencia crowd, who were in the minority, Celebrated 1:13 before the endBurgos came out on 8 but the game was already over and Tinder Palencia is an ACB team.

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