For Microsoft, many Nintendo Switch and PlayStation users are “part of the Xbox community.”

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard makes Microsoft one of the major publishers of competing systems, and for Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, this is the case Many PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users are now part of the Xbox community.

In statements about FamitsuSpencer talks about building an Xbox community in the cloud and outside of the traditional console market, saying both sectors are important. “Firstly, I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing what I can do with the hardware in the future. With that in mind, I think we can offer Xbox users something unique and not just follow what other companies are doing.” We need to consider a large number of Nintendo Switch and PlayStation users as part of the Xbox communityjust as we consider RPG Ally and Steam Deck to be part of the Xbox community.”

“It’s also important to ensure that everyone who continues to play Xbox games in the community feels equal, including those who play Game Pass on their PCs. There’s a lot to do,” says Spencer in an interview. Last month I spoke of the “nation.” call of Duty regarding the players of the saga and the interest in not reserving exclusive content on Xbox.

The goal of publishing more titles per year

Spencer is also asked about the pace of launches on Xbox and admits that there were problems until 2022, but that the situation was better in 2023 and this will be resolved in the future: “In the next two to three years we plan Start blockbusters first party or highly anticipated games approximately every three months. “We are very excited and hope that it will be successful.”

Microsoft startup will add the Activision Blizzard catalog to Xbox Game Pass in 2024, so we’ll have to rule out the new one for now Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Get a subscription this year. Find out our opinion here Protect.

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