4A Games will have a place at Gamescom and it is believed that the next Metro could be presented there

4A Games, known for developing the series meter, will have an exhibitor at this year’s Gamescom, taking place August 23-27 – with the Opening Night Live presentation on the evening of August 22 -. Although there is no official indication of the presentation of his next game, It was rumored that the next meter It’s already at an advanced stage with the possibility of submitting at least one teasers whenever.

In 2020, 4A Games confirmed it was busy with its new one meterThe draw from “the entire experience of the last 15 years” and the possibilities of the current generation of consoles and PC thanks to a renewal of the engine. They also showed their commitment to single player storytelling, while earlier in the year it was mentioned that the invasion of Ukraine had affected some aspects of their storyline.

The middle insider gaming assured from sources that in February this year the new meter was playable from start to finish and a release isn’t too far awaypossibly with a presentation at Gamescom or later events this year and a tentative release date in 2024. The project would have gone through external testing sessions.

Influenced by current events

“We never hid that from the series meter always had a strong one political and anti-war message. Yes, we always wanted to entertain you and immerse you in our post-apocalyptic world, but there was also a bigger story to tell. And the war in Ukraine made us think about what kind of story the next part should be about. meter“said the Kiev studio. “All editions of meter – Conflict, power, politics, tyranny, oppression – are now part of our daily lives. That’s why we accept them and integrate them into the game with a new purpose.”

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