Hogwarts Legacy is releasing a major patch to fix a number of technical bugs

last February Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros. Games has launched one of the most anticipated games of 2023. We tell you how not to do that Hogwarts Legacythis title based on the Harry Potter universe that has pleased many fans of this literary saga.

Although it has been published for a long time, Avalanche has not stopped working in the title and actually A few weeks ago, its version for PS4 and Xbox One was released Next November we will receive the game on Nintendo Switch.

Besides, it’s been a few hours Its developers released a great patch for all versions that have been released so far, patch is coming to further optimize the game and make certain technical optimizations, such as improve lighting where it failed, optimize memory usage, reduce stuttering errors, offer us a more stable performance and polishing in general, as well as correcting certain errors related to the backup files and introduce certain user interface improvements of the game so that from now on visiting Hogwarts and its surroundings is more satisfying than ever.

This patch as always gradually get both on PC and on PlayStation or Xbox consoles. So if you’re playing Hogwarts Legacy, stay tuned to install it as soon as possible.

A game full of magic

As well as We tell you in our analysis: “Hogwarts Legacy is a game full of magic.”The campaign offers us magical situations and spectacular momentsand phases that skillfully mix environmental puzzles and combat with a dynamism and spectacularity that surprised us. The dream experience of going to classes at Hogwarts is a little toned down, but among the huge amount of side content there are many that are worthwhile: some side content at the main story level, the very interesting friendship missions, and the curious trials of Merlin, to name but a few just to name a few. And of course there’s the Room of Requirement, which will be like a home away from home for fans of decoration and pet care titles for many weeks to come. But what sets Hogwarts Legacy apart from others of its kind is that it is Hogwarts Legacy: the stunning recreation of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the world around it. Go through the lines we read. Entering the rooms we couldn’t see in the cinema seat. Hogwarts Legacy has its flaws, but when dreams come true, they always come true.

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