NBA Basketball | Ricky Rubio: “I hope to get more exposure with the Cavaliers”

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The Catalan base took part in the presentation of SPORT together with its Anti-Smoking Lighters Foundation

Rubio on taking part in the World Cup: “I’m preparing, I want to be there”

The homecoming of Ricky Rubio getting closer. Some statements in “La Sotana” that prove this “In two or three years he would put an end to his time in the NBA” They were the starting point for a logical countdown by age, but that will have to wait as the El Masnou point guard still did it two more contract years Who hopes to meet him Cleveland Cavaliers.

On the occasion of the campaign “Lighters against smoking” created by his foundation, whose aim is to sensitize young people to the dangers of smoking and to promote a life without smoke, Ricky Rubio attended SPORT to review your current moment as you are after completing yours season 12 in the NBA and to talk about his short- and medium-term plans for the basketball world championship next summer.

Question: The “Lighters Against Smoking” campaign seems to have started with a somewhat contradictory slogan

Answer: So at first glance you say: Really? (laughs). That’s how it felt to me when it was introduced to me and as I began to understand more and get the message, our ultimate goal is to reach young people. Where there is tobacco there is lighter and the ones we have presented have an exclusively positive message but are dedicated to smoking cessation and I think it will be a successful campaign.

Don’t you feel that young people are unaware of what could happen in the medium and long term when they start smoking?

Yes, and we must protect them. You have a life ahead of you and you must try not to fall into temptations such as smoking, which has been studied to cause lung cancer. Since the foundation we have dedicated ourselves to this area, both from research and from information. Quitting smoking and not starting are two goals we have in the organization. I think it’s a very fun campaign, aimed mostly at young people, but it’s dynamic and we hope a lot of people get involved.

How are you feeling physically and mentally after a season marked by recovery from a knee injury?

I feel good, it was a different and difficult season in which I didn’t feel very good in that respect. My personal team has not let me rest since my return to Spain because our goal was to recover the sensations of before the injury and return to the level we were at and already training to reach the physical level, that we want.

How do you get through a day without the NBA routine?

In the morning I take my son to school and start exercising. I leave some homework to do all sorts of activities in the afternoon, from meeting with the Foundation to hanging out with friends and family. Ultimately, I enjoy being at home, which is nice.

Ricky Rubio presented the “Lighters Against Smoking” campaign with his foundation

| David Ramirez

How did you experience the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics and what are your predictions for the grand finals?

150 times a 3-0 was not overcome, this seemed to be the last and in the end the statistics were not broken. A lot of credit has to be given to Miami’s achievements. They’ve fought and shown they’re there no matter how much they’re considered a “cover team.” It looks like the Nuggets are the favorites, but the Heat have played under that underdog banner and won every series. It will be a very fun and interesting finale.

As for your future in Cleveland, do we have to wait for a quiet summer?

Yes, I speak to them, but I have two years left on my contract and it’s true that I would like to be more famous than I ended up having. It is true that he has just come back from injury and it is very difficult to find the necessary momentum in the middle of the season and I hope he can excel more from the start.

In the last few days you have been talking about the date of your return home. I don’t know if the house is azulgrana or green-black…

The house is ultimately to live in my house in El Masnou, quiet, and the displacement depends on it. We’ll see when the time comes, what projects there are and what my wishes are and how I’m doing physically. I’m not ruling out not playing basketball again. Scenarios are already being considered, in my head I’m already starting to think about the future, but as I saw last year before the injury, in my last year of contract, I wanted to think beyond that. In the end, things can happen that can affect the final decision, and when the time comes, it will come.

Ricky Rubio, along with Manel Fuentes at the presentation of “Lighters to Quit Smoking”

| David Ramirez

Barça and Joventut play in the ACB Playoffs. What options do you have?

I see Saras’ men with a lot of options behind the Final Four’s stick. The draw against Valencia Basket was very serious. La Penya drew one-on-one with Baskonia and deservedly reached the semi-finals for the second straight season.

Your coach’s name, Sergio Scariolo, is often mentioned as a possible first coach on an NBA team. Do you think he’s qualified for the position?

He has the experience and knowledge gained from his three years as an assistant and in that sense I think he is best prepared to be the second European coach to achieve that. I’ve been playing with him in the national team for so long, he’s a great, great coach.

And will we see you fight to reconfirm the MVP of the last FIBA?

Yes, I’m already training to be physically fit and available for the national team. Once he’s there he’ll tell the manager what he says, but I’d love to be there.

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