Barça’s “Forensics”: This month’s decision

06/03/2023 at 08:01


FC Barcelona forwarded the dossier to the Attorney General of Barcelona, ​​who instructed the Mossos to take over the investigation

Before June 30, it will be known whether the case will be filed or referred to court, although in a year and four months neither of those affected have come forward

On February 1, 2022, a year and four months ago, Joan Laporta offered a press conference to present the first results of the so-called “forensics”. Ultimately, after consulting with its legal departments, FC Barcelona decided to send all these documents to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Catalonia so that they can investigate and decide if there is any evidence of crime in the executive directors of Josep Maria Bartomeu and therefore bring it before the ordinary courts.

The public prosecutor’s office extended the investigation period last summer (the Mossos d’Esquadra are in charge of these investigations), but this June 30th will be the last day on which they can make a decision: either submit the “forensics” or send them to one He asks the judge to initiate the appropriate procedure if he actually sees a crime.

The strange thing about this media case is that none of the people involved in the “forensics” were subpoenaed to testify before prosecutors or asked to produce any documents or evidence, which is really strange and unusual in an investigation of any kind. Therefore, we are close to knowing if it ended up being more noise than nonsense or, on the contrary, will be the beginning of a new trial.

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