The new arbitration measures in Spanish football

8/3/2023 at 6:59 p.m


Spanish football chiefs Medina Cantalejo, Clos Gómez and Undiano Mallenco have outlined new regulations

“Last season could be improved in terms of the refereeing team,” explained Cantalejo

The Technical Committee of Arbitrators has appeared at a press conference this Thursday to explain new elements of Spanish football regulations that will come into force on the first day of the league, scheduled between August 11 and 14. The President of the National Referees Committee spoke: Luis Medina Cantalejothe director of the VAR project, Carlos Clos Gomezand the member of the Technical Committee, Alberto Undiano Mallenco. “Last season there could be room for improvement in terms of the arbitration team,” Cantalejo explained.

The new measures in the regulation are diverse. The one who is most affected is “Do not whistle penalties for low-intensity contacts”, a recurring theme that comes to light each year, the issue of “minor penalties” that should not be called. “We refereed some of very low intensity. There are actions that the referees are very clear about, they see the contact and then it’s true that it’s not as much as it seemed at first sight.” explained Medina Cantalejo.

One of the great novelties will be that unless it is a “chance manifest of Goal”The hands Anyone who saves a shot on goal will not be warned. On the other hand, denying a goal with your hand is still a red card. Another change concerns overtime, last season many minutes were already added, as the CTA officials warned a year ago: “Games will be reached with 12 minutes added.” Now it goes on and An additional minute is added for each goal as the celebration of that goal is skipped. In addition, if the VAR reviews the game, the time “lost” in the review will be added.

VAR intervention is one of the things that worries referees the most. From the CTA they want the main judges to take more responsibility in the game: “If the VAR intervenes a lot, something happens”stated Medina Cantalejo, who campaigned for it “The referees have greater decision-making power.”

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