Laporte, one step away from Arabia

08/16/2023 at 11:10 am


The Spain centre-back would complete his transfer to Saudi Al-Nassr in the coming days

Manchester City are open to selling the player but the final decision rests with the player

Aymeric Laporte would be just a step away Trip to Saudi Arabia. The Spanish centre-back completes his signing Al Nassr Arabic in the coming days that will be bolstering his defense with a top-level signing.

He Manchester City have given the green light until the signing is complete. pep Guardiola didn’t have the center for the sporting planning of the next season, so the movement it could happen sooner rather than later.

in the absence of it Laporte agrees to the terms of his contract With Al-Nassr, the centre-back is set to travel to Arabia after there was speculation about it Returning to Athletic in recent days. However, the irrefutable Arab proposal has convinced the player that he will join a team with such stars Sadio Mané, Brozovic or Cristiano Ronaldo.

the spanish center, undisputed defending champion of the national team and recent Nations League winner, conquered the Treble last season with Manchester City. Aged 29, Laporte ends his time in Europe set a course towards a goal less and less exotic but that will allow him to live his life The last years of his career were bathed in gold.

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