Get the Rainbow Six Extraction Guardian Edition at GAME for just €9.99

Offered by GAME Spain.

It’s always a good reason to do so Assemble your own team of special agents and end the alien threatYes, but with the flash sale they are offering you today GAMEmore than ever!

  • Get it at this link.
  • And it is such that you can only achieve it today RAINBOW SIX EXTRACTION And Your GUARDIAN EDITION Exclusive GAMEfor only 9.99!

    The GUARDIAN EDITION contains:

    • A physical copy of Rainbow Six extraction.
    • The Noxious Touch Pack includes the Noxious Touch uniform and headgear (exclusive to Alibi), the Noxious Touch and Redeemer universal weapon skins, and the Toothbreaker and Guardian Angel amulets.

    In addition, you also take Gift the Orbital Decay DLCwhich includes an exclusive Orion headgear and uniform for LION and FINKA, as well as a vaporized weapon skin and the Crash Landing Amulet.

    Prepare to dive deep into the containment zones and do whatever it takes to defeat the threat. RAINBOX SIX EXTRACTION and its exclusive GUARDIAN EDITION GAME, Today only for 9.99 or while supplies last!

    Put everything on the line in unpredictable security zones

    Train a team of elite Rainbow Six agents to perform Raids in unpredictable containment zones and uncover the mysteries behind the Archaea, a deadly and ever-evolving alien menace. Knowledge, cooperation and strategy will be your best weapons.

    Choose from 18 Rainbow Six agents perfectly capable of surviving the heists. Each agent has specific weapons, gadgets, and skills that you must learn to master. With each completed mission, your agents will level up, improve their stats and much more You’ll gain access to new gear options and battle power-ups.

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