Arabia wants to be in the Champions League!

08/17/2023 at 2:29 p.m


Saudi football dreams of being in the Champions League in the not too distant future

At the moment the situation seems bizarre, although according to MARCA there are talks to try to make this option profitable

The growth of Saudi football shines unstoppable. The policy for attracting European talent has increased awareness of the competition these past times than now dreams of participating in the Champions League In the not too distant future.

Although it may seem impossible, it is one of them long-term goals for those who aspire to Arabia. This is reported by various Italian media There is a chance that the champions of the Saudi league took part in the next edition of Europe’s largest club tournament, a bizarre possibility although not excluded.

That possibility is a long way off today. UEFA does not believe that the Arab champions will be able to take part in European competitions in the short term The unstoppable growth of Saudi football could open up that possibility. According to MARCA there are indeed such Discussions between the European body and Arabia to make Saudi football profitable Super Cup in the United States.

It wouldn’t be the first time a competition has been held decides to admit clubs from other countries. The Copa Libertadores is considering the inclusion of teams from the Concacaf, like Inter Miami, in South American competition. A possibility at the moment UEFA disregards the Saudi champions.

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