Outcast: A New Beginning, the sequel to the cult game, shows its gameplay on video

Outcast: A new beginningthe long-awaited sequel to the cult PC game released in 1999 is fast approaching and has now come to light a new video in which they show us more than six minutes full of sequences taken directly from the gameplayso that we can get a better idea of ​​how the project is developing.

Six minutes Outcast: A New Beginning

The footage in question belongs to a pre-beta version The focus is on teaching us different combats, so you can see the use of many weapons and gadgets, the maneuvers that we can perform with the jetpack and different types of enemies in action. Likewise, there are several moments dedicated to exploring scenarios, and at the very end you can get a glimpse of what the conversations with other characters will be like.

The sequel to one of the pioneers of 3D open worlds

Outcast: A new beginning (originally known as Outcast 2). a third-person action-adventure that puts us back in the shoes of Cutter Sladethe protagonist of the first part, continues his exploration of the mysterious alien planet Adelpha, a world that we must once again save from invading robot forces that deprive it of natural resources and enslave the population.

Its main features include how important it is for the jetpack to move and fight through its open world, a non-linear evolution and the possibility of customizing our weapons by combining dozens of modules to adapt their functions to our needs. In addition, this has been confirmed lennie moorethe original game’s composer, returns to take charge of the soundtrack in this sequel.

The release is scheduled for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on an unspecified date.

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