Watch the Xbox Games Showcase LIVE broadcast here from 7:00 p.m

Microsoft broadcast its major annual video game conference, the Xbox Games Showcasethis Sunday June 11 at 7:00 p.m Spanish Peninsula Time. The event lasts about a year hour and a halfbecause immediately after Starfield Direct, 30 minutes. You can follow both lectures live Comments in Spanish of the team of vandalism in the embedded video below.

The games we will see at the event

Up to the time of writing this article, Microsoft has been very succinct about the games that we will see in the presentation. we know we are Forza Motorsport, the driving simulator from Turn 10 Studios for PC and Xbox Series X/S. Of course too starfield, the space role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios, which we will see about half an hour from. And there will also be announcements Titles coming to Game Pass and third-party games.

Other than that, nothing is confirmed. It was hinted that it would be shown fableHe start anew from the saga of Playground Games; and also something related to it psychonauts, the platform adventures from Double Fine Productions. It’s foreseeable that we’ll see news about some of the company’s games as a service, such as: Sea of ​​Thieves, Hello infinity, Grounded, redfall And Minecraft.

But Microsoft has many announced titles that could appear here. Hellblade 2 And Project Mara from the ninja theory, Explained And The Outer Worlds 2 by Obsidian Entertainment, Perfect dark from TheInitiative, state of decay 3 by Undead Labs, ever wild by Rare…

Maybe we’ll get to know new ones. The coalitionthose responsible for war gearthey haven’t released a new game since 2019 (2020 if we count the expansion). gear 5); forced gamescreator of We are happy about a fewSince the Microsoft acquisition, they haven’t disclosed what they’re working on like Microsoft has inXile Entertainment (wasteland 3).

Hellblade 2

On the other side is edge of the worldthe company responsible for it Age of Empires which works with studios around the world to carry out projects from the strategy saga. And of course, Xbox Games Studios releasewho publish exclusive third-party developed games like the saga original And tell me why.

Even if the conference is not called “Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase” this year, it cannot be ruled out that the company will make an appearance beyond that starfield. What are you doing idSoftware after Eternal Destiny? we will see that Indiana Jones from MachineGames or a new one Wolfenstein? What does Tango Gameworks intend to do next? Hello Fi Rush? Or at least something new The Elder Scrolls: Online.

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