Microsoft: Studios should ‘plan their games better’ for Xbox Series S

Since the announcement of Xbox series sMicrosoft’s new generation console, which is less powerful than the Xbox Series Studios wishing to release on Xbox must do so for both consoles. There are external teams that have contradicted this and others that have confirmed it. However, e.g Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studiosthere is a solution: “plan better”.

In an interview with axiosthe executive vice president of Microsoft Gaming admits it’s “more work”. having to develop for a more powerful console at the same time and a Hardware with less powerful RAM and GPU. But he adds: “You can plan better and know where some hairpin turns are.”. Booty adds that internal Microsoft teams developing their second game for the current-gen have been able to better utilize the capabilities of the Xbox Series S.

Some developers from studios outside of Microsoft have personally said that the Xbox Series S is disrupting the current-gen game development process, but that’s true too who say it isn’tas commented by Flying Wild Hog, those responsible shadow warrior And bad west. Larian Studios, the makers of Baldur’s Gate 3They said the title hasn’t been officially announced for Xbox as they’re still trying to get the split-screen mode to work on the Series S.

With the Xbox Series S, Microsoft can open up new markets

That added the head of Xbox Game Studios The Xbox Series S allows you to reach gamers on a smaller budget (It costs 300 euros and there is frequent offers while the Xbox Series X costs 500. At a round table entitled What’s next in gaming? Taking place after the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer argued that the Xbox Series S allows for this Launching the console in markets and regions where these prices are prohibitive.

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