Al Hilal fans don’t want Allegri

06/10/2023 at 8:00 p.m


The possibility of Allegri Al Hilal coaching has sparked a wave of criticism on social media

The coach and Saudi league representative met in Monte Carlo to define his future

Given the rumors of the arrival of Massimiliano allegri for the al hilal Saudi Arabia, Thousands of messages have been flooded Twitter against the arrival of the coach of juventus. “His defensive play doesn’t suit him.” For the Hilal“, “Talk about it Luis Enrique And Lopetegui“And then hiring him is like looking for a striker and ending up with a defender,” are some of the messages that can be read on social networks.

First the hashtag #AllegriOutwas launched by the Bianconeri fans during the Tuscan coach’s first season on the bench juventus, called for a change of coach. However, the hashtag has evolved and now the #AllegriOut It is being used by Al Hilal fans even before his arrival.

In Arabic the topic is trending topicat the same time as the news about the planned meeting Monte Carlo between the coach and the representatives of the Saudi league. The flood of messages on social media has a lot to do with the Italian coach’s defensive style: “‘This coach once said: ‘If you’re looking for fun, go to the circus!’ A purely defensive style of play, this is not suitable for that al hilal‘not even 1%’,” says one user. “The name al hilal is associated with Luis Enrique And Lopeteguiand now with allegri! “It’s like negotiating with a striker and ending up with a deal with a defender,” says another.

We’ll see how the soap opera ends just days after Juventus chief executive Maurizio Scanavino said Confirm continuity of Italian Massimiliano Allegri as coach of the Turin team for the next season.

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