Fortnite leaders unexpectedly laid off 16% of their employees and Epic Games explained why

Epic Games, the company responsible for its success Fourteen days and the video game engine Unreal Engine will perform one Mass layoffs affecting around 870 employees. According to the Bloomberg journalist Jason SchreierSources familiar with the situation have confirmed that these layoffs were announced today through an internal statement. This is a movement that puts people out of work. 16% of the workforce from Epic Games, although the company will continue to hire employees.

Although there is no public statement from the company yet, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, sent an email to employees today explaining the reasons why they decided to make these layoffs. Apparently the company has been “spending more money than she earns” for some time now.Therefore, they decided to reduce their workforce. There are currently no further layoffs planned.

Unforeseen layoffs and changes in recently acquired companies

As Jason Schreier explains, rumors of the layoffs began circulating today before the company’s official internal announcement, so the affected employees were apparently unprepared. This You will receive six months’ compensation and other assistance which will be detailed in the official meeting to be held shortly.

In addition to the layoffs, Epic Games is also making other adjustments to its business: Bandcamp is soldan independent music platform acquired in March last year, and restructures the marketing agency SuperAwesome (acquired in 2020) to operate as a separate company again.

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