Devolver Digital acquires System Era Softworks, the developers of Astroneer

Devolver Digital has announced the acquisition of System Era Softworksthe study behind it Astroneerthe special open-world action and survival game released in 2019.

The well-known indie publisher announced that it was close to publication eight years ago Astroneer and even though they didn’t in the end, “Admiration and friendship” between the companies has remained. Now, “Devolver Digital and System Era are declaring their eternal love the only way they know how: by turning off the lights, warming up the atmosphere and entering into a strategic business relationship.”

This is what Brendan Wilson, CEO of System Era Softworks says They have always seen the Devolver Digital seal as a sign of quality: “Their ‘developer first’ ethos has paved the way for some of the boldest and most creative ideas to thrive, and we’re excited to join a happy group of like-minded people where our games get the support they need in just a matter of days. “Culture they love.”

System Era Softworks is not yet ready to announce its next project

System Era Softworks confirms that this is the case Develop something “new and exciting.” However, they avoid mentioning details. The plan of Astroneer For 2024 it is still ongoing and you can find out all the details in the Official blog of the study.

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