Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was the best-selling game in Spain in the last week of April

We return with a new review Sale of games in FSCO format in Spainof April 24th to 30th (Week 17 of the year), in the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for PS5 it was the best-selling game.

1. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (PS5)
2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (switching)
3. FIFA 23 (switching)
4. Super Mario Odyssey (switching)
5. Nintendo Switch Sports
6. FIFA 23 (PS5)
7. The Last of Us Part II (PS4)
8th. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (switching)
9. Minecraft (switching)
10 Hogwarts Legacy (PS5)

The best selling game was Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for PS5 that with his 9700 units, sold 1100 on Xbox Series and 600 on PC. on the second place Mario Kart 8 Deluxe already surpassed with 2650 units 922,000 since its inception. on the third place FIFA 23 for Switch with 2100 unitsvery close to already over 180,000.

The rest of the top performers are all old acquaintances on the list, with the Switch games continuing to sell very well week in and week out, such as Super Mario Odyssey With 1900 units in fourth place, there are only a few units left to break the barrier 700,000either Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury that with the 1650 units it is possible to surpass them 250,000 do you copy

We can also see two titles that hadn’t appeared in the top spot for weeks reappear: Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition in ninth place with 1,400 units sold and overall 569,000 copies and Hogwarts Legacy for PS5 tops out at 1350 units, already surpassing the 66,000 do you copy

We had other releases besides the one already mentioned Star Wars Jedi: Survivorthe most interesting of all and which we are always happy to comment on even if they are not in the top 10 afterimage which was able to sell 700 units in physical format in its Switch version, 200 in the PS5 version, 100 for PS4 and 100 units in the Xbox version in the first days of sales.

Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console

Where we see the effect directly zelda It is about the sale of consoles, thanks to which we can note an important change that has not happened for many weeks Nintendo switch Thank you especially to you special edition of zeldawas the best-selling console and differed significantly from its pursuers, which already portends a brutal success of the exclusive game for Nintendo Switch:

  • Nintendo Switch: 13,400 units (of which 10,550 in the Oled version and of which 7,200 in the special edition of zelda. In other words, half of the Nintendo Switch consoles sold this week came from this commemorative edition of Link and Company’s new title.
  • PS5: 6000 units (disc version: 5150 units, digital version: 850 units)
  • Xbox Series: 500 units (Xbox Series S: 300 units, Xbox Series X: 200 units)
  • PS4: 175 units

and the sale of PlayStation VR2 In its tenth week on the market there were 260 copies, which already makes a grand total of 1,000 12,565 since its introduction in Spain.

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