Finally, Pokemon has its own nature documentary series

GIF: Elios Entertainment/Kotaku

in depth, Pokemon It is a wildlife expedition. The series sends us out into nature to capture these magnificent creatures to fight our battles for us. Furthermore, we fill out our Pokédex and learn more about them when we catch them in Poké Balls. Over the years, the series has explored various human/Pokémon relationships through the lens of games such as Detective Pikachubut throughout the series, they are largely described as wild animals with fascinating behaviors worthy of analysis.

YouTube user And Tik Tok User Elious Entertainment created National Geographic style mockups Pokemon View (thanks, ribbed) which examines these youngsters in their natural environment. Each video shows a different Pokémon found in the wild against the backdrop of a soothing narration that tells you some of the most horrific things about Pokemon being.

The PokéNational Geographic series has done particularly well on TikTok. The entries have surpassed over 200,000 views on the app, but since YouTube’s horizontal format showcases more Elious animations and fits better on this site, we’ve included them here Let’s go over PokéNational Geographic’s attempts to understand the wild world of Pokemon.

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