Pikmin 4 sold 45% more than Pikmin 3 Deluxe when it was released in the UK

Pikmin 4 They’ll be releasing exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Friday July 21st, and while the saga has never seen particularly high sales, the truth is This latest edition has been released to good acclaim, at least in the UK. And that’s exactly what Christopher Dring, a journalist from, reports gaming industrythe fourth numbered installment in the real-time strategy series created by Shigeru Miyamoto, debuted at the top of the region’s weekly physical sales charts.

Surprisingly, Pikmin 4 sold 45% more physical copies The Pikmin 3 Deluxe in the first days of its release, although unfortunately no concrete sales figures have been provided, nor has it been announced how the digital sales of the Nintendo eShop have developed. However, it seems so Pikmin 4 got off to a pretty good start.

Our Pikmin 4 verdict

Pikmin 4 is a very entertaining game that can boast of being the most complete and accessible part of one of Nintendo’s most unique sagas. A title that tries to pack the best of the series into a single adventure while breaking down most of the barriers that might intimidate new players. Along the way, it brings interesting novelties and a new rhythm that gives it its own twist compared to its predecessors. It doesn’t erase some edges that prevent it from achieving excellence, but that doesn’t mean it continues to be a very fun work and has numerous hits that are very worthwhile as long as what it proposes attracts you. “Highly recommended,” is our conclusion Analysis.

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