The new Alone in the Dark will become a saga if successful, says THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic is considering remodeling the new one Alone in the darkwhich will be released on October 25 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, in a new saga if the reception is positive. A few days ago we were at a digital presentation where the publisher and developers of Pieces Interactive were asked about the possibility of a sequel to this reinvention of the series.

“We’re excited to bring it back Alone in the dark with the attention the saga deserves and We can’t wait to hear what you think of our first attempt “Old and new fans,” replied a representative from THQ Nordic. “We’re committed to the series for the long term and.” We’ll be happy to investigate further if audience response continues to be positive as we have experienced since the announcement.”

The Prologue is available now for free on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

In the early hours of May 26th, THQ Nordic announced the release date of this reinvention Alone in the darkand also announced it immediate availability of grace in the dark, a free prologue available on Steam, PS Store and Microsoft Store. This is a demo intended to convey the atmosphere and tone of the adventure, with a new character and no battle scenes.

Pieces Interactive, the developers of the title, is an experienced studio (founded in 2007) in charge of it magicka 2the additional content of the predecessor and the last two expansions of the veteran Titan Quest. He Creative Director and Screenwriter Alone in the dark It’s Mikael Hedbergwho wrote Amnesia: The Dark Descent And SOMA during his time at Frictional Games.

Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood’s return to the Decerto mansion is an RAn invention of the original game, both playable and in the storystarring top-class actors David Harbor and Jodie Comer. You can read our impressions after seeing this Showcase You can join a question and answer session with the developers at this link.

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